About me

Jasnine is a Muralist & Artist creating ‘street-chic’ works that exude feminine empowerment. She is best known for her black & white murals of inspiring women found in North American cities such as Montreal, Toronto, Miami, and New York. Jasmine graduated from Montreal's leading fashion design school Lasalle College in 2009, where she discovered her affinity for seamless patterns and fashion illustrations. After graduating, she worked as a graphic designer for various marketing and fashion companies while painting murals in her spare time. Jasmine relocated from Miami to Toronto in 2019 and has painted public murals for organizations such as StreetARToronto, Calyx Wellness, and recently her largest scale to-date: a two-story, 2500 square foot building mural for Kirsch Cosmetics. In 2020, she began to create and sell luxurious, large-scale female portraiture canvases and made the journey to full time artist. Jasmine’s portrait canvases depict inspiring women and fashion icons, created with acrylic paints and spray paints. Pairing hyper-realism with abstract graffiti, her work celebrates both fanciful creativity and sharp realism. She has created a unique technique inspired by social media filters, of overlaying lace and applying transparent paint on top, evoking visual depth and feminine strength. Jasmine’s personal story is one of strength and resilience and her work is infused with brazen femininity and confidence. Her fusion of hyper-realism, fashion illustration and abstract graffiti whether on canvas or large-scale is beautiful and powerful. 
Jasmine's calling as an artist is to bring transformation and light to her client’s homes, walls, and lives, as well as encouraging and empowering young women to choose a lifestyle of positivity and wellness. Her practice of art is her form of meditation, and bravely taking on large-scale mural projects, keeps her on a path of self-care, expansion, and growth. Jasmine is empowered daily to be a role model, encouraging all women to step into their passion and go after their dreams!